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Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
So you'll tie up 3 days and are only supposed to charge a grand in labor.

Sounds like they are trying to impress you with knowledge cause they feel you are over charging based on where ever they are getting their info from. They want to put it out there that they won't be or at least allow themselves to feel suckered. They feel you see them as suckers. They are hoping for the bro deal, but are wanting the higher quality, but ultimately price rules over quality.

And shovel racer, you're correct.

In these e-mails as you can see all he mentions is numbers numbers numbers.

After receiving yesterday's e-mail I called him. I was polite, yet aggitated. During our conversation, all he talked about was numbers numbers numbers.

He also mentioned that he works in the financial industry. (which kinda corrilates with Shovel's mentioning that this man wants me to know that he isn't a sucker)

LOL - so I said to him, in a polite, yet stern tone (if you knew me in person, you'd be laughing because people that know me know I'll rip you a new 'you know what' what a smile on my face while being very polite) - I said "Joe, you have a nice house and all you have done nothing but focus in numbers numbers numbers, you have no concern about how or who builds this walk".

He went as far to ask me what my labor burden percentage is. I told him an inflated number.

He wanted to know what the delivery rate for the mats are. I wouldn't tell him. And usually for small jobs like that I pick up the materials with the F-650.

I corrected him on the concrete removal. Forks under the concrete and the whole thing comes up in 5 seconds! I'm trying to level off a portion of my driveway - I need all the fill and rubble I can get. When you take up concrete - that's less excavation we need to do for the walk. So with all that said I told him "actually it makes our job easier to take up the walk, and I dump it on my own land and the truck must return to the yard at the end of the day, regardless".

I also informed him that we charge for mobilization and for travel time to and from, per employee, per day. LOL - he's trying to show me that he knows numbers and I'm throwing more factors at him!

This is an interesting business. I have people I really do not like and that's why I live in seclusion in the middle of nowhere. Yet, I love meeting people, and I love learning stuff from our clients, as well as getting to know them. This is a very rewarding aspect of this business. We just did a job for a repeat client. He's a commercial airline pilot. Super nice. Positive attitude. I find him fascinating, I can stand on his front stoop and shoot the breeze with him for hours.

And then we get people like this! God bless them!

"It's You vs. You"

"People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine"

My Equipment Brag List:

-1 CAT hat
-16 pairs of Hanes socks (the Heavy Duty model), many with holes.
-12 pairs of underwear, ranging from Joe Boxers to Jockey, many are in need of replacement. (no more photo requests please)
-hundreds of t-shirts. Some w/ grease stains, some torn & tattered.
-7 pairs of jeans, ranging from Levis to Polo to GAP. 1/2 of them have holes in 'em.
-1 belt
-1 pair of old worn out Nike shoes.

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