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I had a customer very similar to this one and he was the same way about the numbers. He thought every contractors numbers should be about the same. Except he wanted to know what I was paying each employee, I didnt say, but he felt that $8 hr would be a good price that I should be paying someone for manual labor, he said "Its not rocket science, its just bricks and blocks, hell my kid plays with blocks." He wanted a break down of everything in the price. I dont break down my prices. The entire job was $38,934.90 and he said another contractor was $23k but since I came highly recommened he wanted to use my company but wanted me to be closer with the other bid. He also wanted a "life-time" warranty on pavers, from color fading to sealing once a year. He also wanted a 10 year full warranty for the lights, including the led lights. He said "I think if you lower your price to the other bid I got and then subtract another 10% I think we can do business." I never got back to him.
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