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around here, we have yard waste collection weekly in April and October, bi-weekly for the summer in between. we also have green bin waste collection every week for kitchen scraps. i always see people out on garbage day mornings scavenging blue bins for booze bottles that they can get 10 cents for at the beer store. but i have never seen people scavenging for fresh organic matter for the compsot pile, nor have i been so desperate for OM sources.....

just curious, do you guys have yard waste and green bin programs in your areas? i have seen a few arguments and concerns relating to cost of compost. some of those concerns relate to the labour of applying the compost, but some also relate to buying it. it seems to me, if i were running through my compost bins too fast and needed to top them up and get a fresh batch going, it would be so easy for me to do. i could drive my truck one direction or another to the neighbourhood that has garbage collection that week and find a big brown bag full of leaves/grass clippings/weeds/shrub trimmings. if i was really desperate, i could scan through green bins to find the ones where the homeowners had just dumped the waste directly into the bins or else used decomposable bags instead of using plastic bags to collect the waste in the kitchen.

in other words, i'm not worried about my bins going empty. if anything, i'm worried i'll need to spend time building more bins because if i use my sources too fast, i can handle much higher capacity. is anyone out there scavenging? do you have ample sources of OM just begging to be scooped up, in case that ever came to be necessary?
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