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mowing-we did an awful lot of research on propane a few months back for an bid that specd propane had to be used and learned quite alot, the most important is that any engine can be converted so long as the heads/valves and valve seats are hard. We found out that the cost of a new propane mower is still crazy high and simply not worth the outlay, a conversion may be the best option if your equipment can be converted.

The benefit really comes down to one thing, the engines run clean compared to gas or diesel, real clean; oil comes out nearly as clean as you put it in. What you lose in increased consumption-you derate by about 7%, you gain many times over in engine life and reduced maint PLUS no stale fuel worries-and perhaps most importantly no ethanol concerns....

Why Cub Cadet is the only one that offers a small deck propane mower is one of the great mysteries to us-
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