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Originally Posted by ChiTownAmateur View Post
which naturally brings up the interesting question of how do you remove the compost to make the tea without taking your worms with the compost?
if you're making 50G of CT, you only need a small bucket's worth of compost. fill your little bucket, sprinkle it with the hose until the water level hits the top and the worms will wriggle up to the top and wriggle right over the edge of the bucket back into the pile.

method two: have a multi-bin system. one bin you make the compost, then in the adjacent bin, you put a screen on top with some sort of pivoting frame. shovel the finished compost onto the screen, agitate it so that the finer compost seeps through and the big stuff sits on top, along with worms and macroarthropods. dump the big stuff into a wheelbarrow and throw it in the garden, or throw it back into the first pile.
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