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with regards to curbside pickup....even if we didn't have it.............

i would just speak to lawn mowing companies and make a deal with them that i will take their grass clippings. most companies are either going to put them into bags and leave them at the customer's home. the customer would be happier if those bags were hauled away, so for me to do it is a benefit to the lawn guy because his customer will be happier. or if they are hauling the crap away in their trailers, they would rather have more space, less junk, and not have to dispose of it later (whether the cost is a disposal fee or just driving it to the nearest environmental wastes centre that will take it for free). i'm saving them time, money, or both.

of course, i haven't come to require that much organic material to make compost. but when the day comes, that is my plan of action.
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