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Originally Posted by Giles_uk View Post
i know im in the uk but this is how i figure it

3000 x $20 dollars = $60k the big lads will laugh at you for that price

the big lads over here are moving 1m3 of earth on site for between �1-�3 so $2-$5 ish

200 trips in a 30 ton adt being loaded with 20-30 ton machine
I totally agree. This guy is way over his head. Around here, $3.75-$5.50 cy.
I'm not talking crap, but I don't think you are capable of doing a job that size.
Their is allot things you need to know especially if it is a municipal project.
Plus, some of that stuff could be hazardous. In which,you will need a license.
Also, you don't get paid until the project is complete. So you are out of pocket for possibly 60 days plus.
Sorry, all you see are dollar signs, and if you don't know whats your doing, it could quite possibly sink your ship.
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