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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
Yeah I will have to see how i like the board setup before I actually construct it. And if I have a good summer I would like to pick up a small ranger or something because I drive to Slippery Rock for school every week, come home to work every weekend, go back up at the end of the weekend and if i get a few more contracts I will be driving back and forth on Thursday as well. And twice a month in the spring and fall I drive from Slippery Rock to carnegie to work at one contact I have. But in the summer I dont have to travel as far. I have access to a dump truck if I need it for bigger jobs but an insert would be nice to dump off grass and for mulch. I only have 2 years max left of school. So this traveling will all be done soon!
All makes sense to me man, good luck with everything and perhaps I'll see you around!
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