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Originally Posted by buck1974 View Post
I just got my echo 770 in today from Wise sales, I read the manual and it states that 2 full tanks of fuel for the break in period. Once that is done then the carb can be adjusted, but only by a certified technician. Is the blower set where its not a its full capacity for EPA reasons and their standards. Was it set so they can pass those test, should I leave mine the way it is without the adjustments to the carb?
I bought an Echo PB770 last year. It took about 15-20 hours of use before it was fully broken in. At first, it sucked up a lot of fuel but once it hit the 15-20 hour mark, the power went up and fuel economy went from average to very good. Very impressive blower in leaves too. Definitely one of the best things Echo has made.
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