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Release rate would depend on thickness of coating and quality of coating, I believe. I was under the impression it would all release within 16 to 24 weeks, but I'm not a scu user, nor very informed on scu. I had too much problems in gc turf with unreliable release due to shipping and golf cart and equipment breaking pellets. I know they have improved product, but I need more education on product!

Scu is proable a good source of n for general lawn care fert applications.

Uf, would only be a good source of n for lawn care if you provide an excellent program and have little turn over!!! At 68% win, you can apply up to 10 lbs/1000, = 3.8 lbs n /1000, so using uf, you could get by with only 2 applications per season!!!!!! This makes it more economical! Since release depends on microrganism, most n release when turf is growing. Don't think it's the only source of n, but one that could fit into a program!

P2o5, is very inmobile in soil, and can be tied up in soil, so it"s unavailable to plants. I BELIEVE , even if soil is high in p2o5, you should apply .5 to 1 lbs/1000 on turf as a general rule.

Russ, think ric and I would like to discuss n sources, and after competing them , move onto another element. Lets do p2o5, after n is done.

Ric, why don't you post the order of n sources we are going to discuss?
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