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I have never seen a collective group of professionals so afraid of competition. Why would it bother you that manufacturers put on training? Do you think manufacturers who don't put on training sell to only you? You do realize manufacturers are in the business to sell product and make money, right? Did no one from a distributor or manufacturer ever teach you anything? The very manufacturer this thread is about sells direct to homeowners for almost identical pricing as contractors, so how well do you think they qualify who they sell to? How is that not as bad or worse than others putting on training? Most guys here brag about how they rip out and replace systems by these amateurs. Then you should view it as job security. Should technical colleges, trade schools, colleges, and on and on stop educating people because they are training current professionals competition? Is no one who has no knowledge of a trade not allowed to seek education from a manufacturer or distributor? Do it better, run your business better, market better, take pride in your work, and control what you do and stop worrying so much about what seminar some other guy has attended. If you think a contractor who has attended a one day seminar can take away your business, you aren't doing your business very well. I don't care what my competition does or who has trained them.

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