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Scott, great points you make there and they are all very valid. I will respectfully continue to disagree with the shotgun marketing and the "anyone can do this in a 4 hour seminar, plus get a free lunch at the end" seminar. The regulations for this differ across the country. In my state, it is a felony if you are doing unlicensed electrical work. Landscape lighting falls into this category. I have been in these seminars and if there were 15 installers in there, maybe 2 were licensed to do the work. I think we can all agree that landscapers who install or have installed low voltage lighting understand this product better than 90% of electricians. I am not going to run out and tell on these installers, it is doubtful anything would happen anyway. I am just saying that the individuals who frequent sites like this are a step ahead of the general competition anyway, wouldn't you agree? What if we all collectively raised the bar of landscape lighting, wouldn't that be great?
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