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I agree that I would not consider anyone who attends a one day seminar an expert or a qualified installer. What I am saying is that I do not begrudge anyone who goes to these seminars to help them get better educated or as a starting part for their landscape lighting career. Everyone starts as a novice, it is what you do from that point to make yourself a true professional that sets you apart. I went to pond, paver, and lighting seminars as my first point of education when I first started offering these services many years ago, but that's not where I stopped my education and training. Industry standards would be great. I would like to see all fixtures UL listed. We all know that doesn't happen, yet many contractors still buy and install them. I would like to see all installers certified. Same thing there. The question is not only how it's standardized but who enforces it, and as always, who pays for it.

Scott Maloney
Sunflower Landscapes
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