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How I got started

I used to be a banquet waiter. Then about 4 years ago I decided that I wanted to mow grass on the side to make extra money. Iím 36 now. I knew how to cut my grass; so how hard can it be to mow someone elseís. Everyone around town here was going out and getting a mower for extra work. I went around and talked to guys who were making a living at it, and are doing it full time. One guy said he made $75,000 gross last year. He works solo.

I had an old Crown Vic State Police car already. I bought a hitch for $120. Then went out and got a cheap trailer for around $500. Then I took out my savings and a small loan and bought a 48-inch Bobcat belt drive. After all this, I put my add in the Newport Daily News. Every day I would have something like 2 or 3 calls. It was crazy; I didnít know there was such a need for mowing grass. I had 25 yards in a monthís time. I couldnít take on any more do to the fact I had another job.

As time went on I got better at mowing. I turned all my profits around to buy better equipment. I finally quit my job as a waiter, and went full time lawn mowing. I finally got a pickup, then a hydro walk behind. Backpack blower, chainsaw, and loads of other things I didnít have.

I took on a flower-watering job, so I had to buy a water tank and a pump. Ones people know youíre in this business and they like you, then the work comes to you.

Last year I purchased:

1. Ford F350 Dully
2. 6+12 Trailer
3. Bobcat Zero Turn 61 inch Deck, with a 25 horse Choler
4. Vacuum system for the Bobcat.

I love what I do better then anything else iv done. Iím hoping to build a big business someday. Break off into commercial stuff . Hotel exterior flowers and such.

John Erik
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