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I agree everyone should start somewhere in lighting, but around here, most folks just start doing it by trial and error or they go to the seminar and then do it by trail and error.

I want great competition that does a great job and charges a fair price. Please, give me someone who owns a clamp meter and understands placement and shadow. I can bid against that person. The client wins with either of us.

my biggest problem is the fact that these folks that go to the seminar then poison potential clients on landscape lighting. they present themselves as a person who knows what they are doing, charge very little, and then do a poor job. They may hire a pro the next time, but only if they become aware it can be better and they are willing to pay, usually, considerably more. I would rather folks not get it at all than be ruined by someone who does it badly. I can't bid against a person who charges less than half what I do.
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