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Originally Posted by bcg View Post
I can only speak for myself but, the jobs that these guys that took a 1 day seminar and are installing for less than 1/2 my bid aren't stealing my customer. Neither are the customer's that are going to go look up Volt or whatever other manufacturer online to compare my material costs (which isn't itemized anyway). My customer is someone who wants something special and is willing to pay for a quality design and installation from a professional that will be around to service it for years after the job is done. I don't really care how many guys the distributors or manufacturers train, I don't see 99.9% of the "graduates" as my competition anyway and those that do take those training classes and rise to the level that most on this board are at, I welcome to the industry. They won't be the guys racing to the bottom, they'll be the ones we welcome to this forum and encourage to join AOLP.
Agree 1000%

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