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I just did a Garden show a month ago. There were 4 of us (lighting installers) there. Three of us there are members of the AOLP and frequenters of this site. I had people coming up to me and asking what makes me better or worse than the other guys. I told them they could not go wrong with any of the 3 of us. It was simply artistic interpretation and what is most along their levels of desire. I assumed that our prices would be roughly the same. I assumed that our equipment is the same. Most importantly, I knew that our skills and our passion was the same for the most part and while I would be happy if they hired me. I would be content knowing that the client was getting a solid, professional installation from either of the guys (who are great guys by the way). The fourth guy, another real nice guy but our philosophies are not in synch. I had asked him if his wife minds that he has to go out to do night time aiming sessions. He informed me that he does not do that. He installed enough so he can set it up during the day and it will be spot on. If anyone is at that level, let me know. If that is the case I underestimated that contractor and I would essentially HAVE to refer people to him because I know that I will not be able to get to that level. At least not for decades anyway. I had one of my friends (not in the industry) with me while I was talking with him. As we walked away, he said that guy has to be full of baloney, right? I just replied with a shrug and said "Or the absolute best"
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