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Put them in paper boxes if available

The post above is right. About 99% of them are not successful. Actually you can only count on about 1/2 of one percent in calls for every one hundred passed out. So if you are going to do a flyer campaign, pass out enough to reach your goal of phone calls. Two or three hundred isn't going to get it. Consistency is more important than total quantity. If you decide to pass our 3k. Hit the same area three times using 1k instead of one time of 3k.

We have a CD that has many different templates that are already made up and ready for you to use. You simply insert you name and they are ready to go. We also have a printed manual titled Marketing and Advertising that has over 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising techniques that will help your company grow on a limited budget. The CD templates are in Microsoft Word format. They are not PDF files.

There are several cost effective ways of getting flyers out.
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