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Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
The LS walk behinds are traction limited.The front weight has to help a little.Hey Exact Rototilling my unit only came with one weight I see your's has the full setup.Have you ever ran yours without the weight kit and how much difference did it make?
In this same grass area the extra weight pushes the tines down another 1/4" to maybe 1/3" over the standard one weight.

Originally Posted by grass4gas View Post much of a difference does adding the front weight make as far as turning? Does it make it any easier loading on a trailer since there is extra weight holding the front wheels down? How much weight is on the front?

Turning balance wise about the same but the extra weight out front yes you can tell to some degree it's there. As for loading on a ramp not a huge difference since it is still fairly well balanced fore and aft. When loading you just have to push up on the bar to transfer the weight down on the front wheels.

I had to use my Plugr on 2 properties last year due to difficult access and steep slopes. Plugr Hydros can go some crazy places. Ground clearance is higher on the new 855. I found smoking deal on a barely used 2nd 850 so no plans on buying a 855.
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