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Originally Posted by G. Ramey View Post
I have a Stihl fs100 trimmer and a Redmax 2450 or something like that. I never use them much. My first choice would be Shindaiwa.
What would you say is the difference between the shindys you do use and the ones you don't? Power? Weight? Fuel consumption?

I picked up Redmax's (Husqvarna basically) new tr2350s trimmer that weighs NOTHING. Has plenty of power for my resi's and is great on fuel. Biggest thing for me was weight. My experience has always been the shindy's and stihl were unnecessarily heavy and hard to start. The mexicans would fight over the husqvarna and echo trimmers to not have to use the others.

I think it just goes to show that you have to go shop, and find what's right for you. Some people have nightmare storys of a brand that other people have used for decades without a problem. It's hard to decypher though who is really using their stuff commercially and beating it up and who's stuff has lasted because it's mainly been sitting in a garage.
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