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Originally Posted by southerneclipse View Post
making a purchase this week, need a hedge trimmer. Demo'd the shindaiwa 242 this weekend and was very pleased, but for 500 bucks am considering buying a multi tool. Never used Echo before...

whats better, shindaiwa or echo?

I know its personal preference and this thread has most likely been posted before, but need some advice on which multi system is better.

If you talking about short pole hedge trimmer, Shindaiwa is the one for articulate head. If you don't need articulation, the Echo SHC is the best. Echo don't have short articulate hedge attachment like Shindaiwa and it is very very important. I have the M242 with the short articulate hedge trimmer, I use it instead of a regular hedge trimmer for like two years. I only bought a 30" regular hedge trimmer because I have a lot of boxwood shrubs that is over 30" tall. The pole hedge trimmer does not do as good a job on the Boxwood if you want to trim them very straight like a rectangular roll. Other than thick demanding shrubs like boxwood, the Shindaiwa short pole
trimmer can do everything else the regular hedge trimmer can do.

I would try the M231 if I were you. quite a few people complain about the 242 engine. I don't have any particular problem so far, it just take 30 or so seconds to warmup or else it'll choke on throttle. 231 engine seems to have a lot of good reviews. The new Shindaiwa T242 and T282 seems to have more complains.

If you don't need articulation, then echo SHC. Echo has been very very reliable even though some people call them cheap.
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