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im like the guy on the original post and need a good multi. i basically only have stihl stuff at the moment and have favored stihl for the last 10 years or so. stihl seems like the horsepower stays in the machines year in year out. the echos i have run have carb problems ive noticed, and the shindy IMO are pricey. but at the same time so are stihl. but because thats what im used to using i always go stihl...... yeah they weigh more than most of the competition, but to me that means quality parts...... heavier the machine...... heavier the parts.... more solid. that could be a stupid way to look at it. However echo seems more economical on the pocket book. Although the hedge trimmer looks ridiculously long and not ergonomic for practical smaller shrubbery. SOmeone hurry and make my mind up for me.... im constantly second guessing when it comes to buying equipment, but i thinks its because of the expense more than anything. im not cheap but broke...... if ya know what i mean.... i just started up..... and have spent my money wisely i think... but a few more choice machines and im done buying for awhile i hope, knowck on wood.....
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