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Welp, thought I'd check back into my favorite blower thread.

I've had my 770 all fall, winter, and into the spring and it has nothing less than been amazing. I had really wet cutting conditions the other day. The curb/gutter was just saturated with grass, rocks, you name it. I took my 770 along there and blew the mini river of grass all the back up hill and into the sewer lol Along with breaking off huge pieces of asphalt and moving them right with everything. My customer came out and was just simply amazed. He had no idea it was possible the get his curbs that clean without physically removing all of the rocks and scrubbing on hands and knees. With 160 more CFM than Redmax's biggest blower, I'm not too surprised. Echo has yet again lived up to the hype. My favorite part about cutting grass used to be hopping on my eXmark, but now it's firing up the 770 and putting the perfection touches on everything.

My 10 year old pb403t blower that is now my backup, and fires up first pull everytime, I may start using again for residentials, just to save hours off the new one. Either one does a great job.


Anyone hesitant about buying the blower, or have questions about it feel free to pm me.
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