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Originally Posted by ParadiseLS View Post
Bill, i remember seeing someone post here in a prior thread that 40lbs/k is the recommended app for pre-m viability. now i see you talking about higher N content than a 9-0-0.....

i specifically looked for sources for app amounts, and government sites and others are talking about 10lbs/k, and that is generally the manufacturer's recommendation.

1. can you help me out by showing a link to some of this information about applying 4x the recommended dose

2. are the manufacturers and governments misleading consumers because they think all of us dolts will just spread it on like peanut butter and all the N will leach out and alter the ecosystems of the rivers and lakes?
I can't speak for governments and have no idea where you have gotten your information
there is 17 or 18 years of testing data here
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