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In the 1880s Rock Phosphate was discovered in the Peace River here in Fla. From that day to this Phosphate is mine and shipped all over the world. Our soil is very rich with Phosphate however it is not available to our plants. Since our soil is calcareous sand with a pH of about 9.5 average it will never be available to plants. This has to do with Redox Potential or oxidation-reduction. Pe + pH = redox potential. P is the math symbol for negative log and e = electrons H = hydrogen electrons. Mining accidents have polluted our rivers and Harbors many times over and are an issue here. Run off or leaching is not as big an issue in my area.

Jacksonville Fla. Was the first place in Florida to be concerned with phosphate run off. Therefore phosphate has been taken out of fertilizer sold in that area. The rest of Florida is following suite. Starting with Northeast and moving to South East. It will move to South West Florida also. We are tech and not PhDs but as tech we have the duty not to contaminate the environment. The only way not to pollute is with knowledge and concern. Dr. Karl Danneberger PhD is a PhD and we should be concerned with his finding. 4-1-2 ratios have long been accepted as the right ratio of elements to apply to southern Turf. Dr, Danneberger research is something we should talk about. Those of us living in areas that are concerned with Phosphate pollution should be even more aware of this report. Please remember also that nitrate pollution is also an issue that has to be dealt with. Yes Russ I would like to talk more about this issue, but feel we need to start a new thread about it.


I think we need to start a new thread titled “N” or “Nitrogen” Advanced Agronomy. After that a new thread “P” then “K” etc. This will allow member to do a search under each element and find their answer. Yes I will start that thread as requested. I would like to start at the bottom with NO3 and work up. In the past it has been you and myself that have kept this thread alive. We need help and Russ has offered that. We need more members to joint in with the Q & A of this in order to make it a more meaningful thread. Yes we all are starting our busy season and posts will be slow. I guess that is why Tim Turf and I have not answered right away. Instead we have waited a week or so to post back so as to give other member a chance to joint in. I would like to think this is a thread that has long-term value for all member of Lawn Site. Yes it is easier to go to Lesco and ask what should I use and Lesco is a great company, however this thread might give the member the ability to know what to use and to buy it from an other company at a lower price. We have many members here that have the knowledge to add to this idea and need their support to make it work.

it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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