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Originally Posted by southerneclipse View Post
Thanks, the short shaft seems to be my best option...I think I'm going to go with husky. I appreciate everyones recommendations.
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I think that is a good choice. You'll find no or very few bad reviews here. The 326 engine is very reliable, easy starting. when I was in the market that time, they were out of stock and Shindaiwa had a promotion right at the time that I get a free string trimmer attachment with it. With the ok experience of the M242, I would buy the Husky if I were to do it again.

Short articulate trimmer is very handy, you don't need to even buy a regular hedge trimmer unless you are seriously into hedge trimmer.....I mean almost sculpting. Everything you can do with a regular hedge trimmer can be done nicely with the short articulate. I only went out and get a 30" because of my rolls of boxwoods are getting very tall and I am getting more and more picky with the work. Also I start to do ball shrubs where the pole hedge trimmer is just too least that's what I told my big boss ( wife) why I need a new toy!!!!
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