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Originally Posted by ryebread211 View Post
Problem is the current 42" deck is rusted through in 4 different places and it doesnt turn worth a darn. I currently have the plow mounted to it, which is a pain in the ass to change. Thought now was a good time to switch! I'll keep the Cub for plowing in the winter.
As I have been looking at Simplicity tractors, i really want one but it seems the bagging systems are expensive as crap. The turbo bagger are almost $1000. My current Cub doesnt shred the grass worth a darn, but I know the Simplicity def will. Im trying to decide if i really need a bagger.. or mulch... or just be careful with the side discharge!
Im capped at $3000...
$1000 for a bagger is cheap try $3000+ for my mower. Get the simplicity and a good leaf blower.
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