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How well do your vendors treat you? Like royalty or just another account number? I've been pretty frustrated lately with one of mine. He's probably the most important, as we buy about 95% of our block and pavers from. They have had a rep these past couple years of producing block that is way out of tolerance and has no quality control, sometimes up to a 1/4 of an inch difference between two blocks. Every fall they make it sound like it's all going to be fixed, but never does.

The nice thing about this dealer is that he is less than a mile from our shop. Delivery is free in town, and reasonable everywhere else. The next closest reputable dealer is 45 minutes away. Delivery, and not to mention higher prices are what keeps me grinding block on each wall we build. Mention to them that you are thinking about going elsewhere, and they threaten to take away wholesale pricing from you.

Any thoughts or past experiences?
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