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New Lawn Striping System perfect for 21” Commercial mowers!

Toro’s Lawn Striping System utilizes a weighted roller to produce vivid “ballpark” stripes and patterns and easily attaches to most 20”-22” walk behind mowers with just a Phillips screwdriver and 16-20 pounds of dry sand (not included).
• Easy to install, no drilling or modification needed for your mower, the system clamps on to the existing handle.
• Bagger friendly design. The striper’s bracket system keeps the roller and mounting brackets under and outside most bag assemblies.
• Easy on/off roller assembly allows for loading & unloading equipment
• Rugged and durable pro-grade design that’s economical enough for homeowners
• Retail price around $90
Check it out at Toro’s Lawn Striping System is available now at your local Toro dealer and, order model number 20601.
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