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I have considered that route as I could use the excercise. I am a big guy with a bad back. But I failed to mention that my yard is about 3 1/2 acreswith lots of obstacles. I am however planning on buying 1 walk behind unit for the smaller yards and those with narrow gates so sugestions there are appreciated. Right now we only do foreclosures for one company but we plan on adding a couple more accounts soon so hopefully soon I will be to the point where I can afford all new equipment and adding 2 full time employees but that is probably not until next season. As for the Gravely I have not seen any or researched the dealers. Most dealers here in Se Ohio sell Exmark Bob Cat Cub Husqvarna Dixie Chopper and Dixon. I have seen some Gravelys on craigslistso there must be a dealer somewhere near.
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