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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
I go to school exactly 50 miles from my house so its an hour drive. But I have it worked out pretty decently. I stay at school mon - fri but always have my schedule so I can leave here around noon on friday and mow friday and saturdays. I only plow for a HOA right now with my uncle who has been doing it for 15 years so I just go after class and they usually dont have a problem with it. It is roughly 40 miles from my school tho . Next year I am hopefully picking up a few larger commercial properties between my house and school. After storms I just head back to school but I do go through alot of gas and I spend a lot of time driving. But I figure it will be worth it after I get out and hopefully have a good clientele base already built. So now it sucks but i look to the future! If I get any jobs that are worth it I will come home in the week to do the job and just come back to school after. I also work with my uncle's landscaping company (he's a solo op too) sometimes in the week while I am at school because he is about half way between my school and house. Then on every other tuesday I leave school and go mow my largest commercial account all day. That is about an hour drive as well. In the summer all of my accounts are within 10 miles (with the exception of my large commercial)/ Although the driving sucks while I am in school I love the work and cant wait to be doing it full time!
I see thats a lot of driving lol. Have you ever thought about sub contracting your truck for someone in town where you go to school, just until you get out of school. That way the only equipment you would need, would be your truck and plow.
To equipment much to list...
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