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Originally Posted by nitecapt View Post
I have interviewed a number of pond builders. Most seem resistant to bottom drains. I want my pond set up a certain way. 2 bottom drains with a diverter to allow for a skimmer as well a vortex filter leading to a bead filter. Without going into much detail, it seems everyone here on Long Island wants to build a pond that requires drainage and clean out every year. I know very well that is not what I want. I am too old (bad back) to do it myself or I would.
I would like to hear from anyone who has had some experience with qualified and reasonably priced Long Island builders
I'm a reputable pond builder here on long island. I've been installing water features for 6yrs now. I"m not sold on the bottom drain though. I use the Aquascape eco system with no problems. I have lazy and older age customers that have minimal maintenance involved with this systems. I'm a Certified Aquascape Contractor as well. Check out my thread on this forum my website is also shown in my signature. If your interested in having me come out to check out your property, private message me, and i'll send u my info. Im based out of Hauppauge NY. *** I also don't hire illegals, and i'm on the job everyday.***
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