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Im a solo op/one employee(no big crew or anything) but i take a 'vacation' every weekend almost in the summer if there is good weather. If i dont go to lake house, i go to local lakes and wake board and have dinner on the boat on weekends. Unless i have a big job, i schedule everything mon-friday. When summer is in tip of drought up here when things slow down a ton, i do all my hi end clients wednesday and thursday and take a long vacation from thursday night(drive up north to lake house) until tuesday night, drive home to go to work.(lake house is only 1 1/2 hrs away)

I cant work all the time, be in college, and not have fun on the weekends. Its my time to be a teenager and enjoy life. I love my job, but being with family and making gf happy is more important to me.

Creating a future for myself is what i am doing during the week. Enjoying my family is for weekends. 401k started when i was 14. Looking to retire at the age of 40 so i'll have the rest of my life to enjoy life after work. I am 18 now. Big dreams and big expectations for the next 5-10 years....... sorta rambling on now, but ya gotta have vacation!

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