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Originally Posted by Leo the Landscaper View Post
We demoed the Cub Cadet Tank with the steering wheel. The crew really liked it! It is built very tough with sturdy casters. It is considered a zero-turn. It only acts as a zero-turn when you turn the wheel all the way in either direction.
I think the same is true for the Gizmow. The steering is coupled well to the hydraulics, because the inner wheel does turn slower, and it has not damaged the turf. The inner wheel does indeed reverse direction when I turn the front wheels to 180 degrees. But the zero turn apparently is disabled in reverse--not that that matters to me.

From my brief look at the Cub Tank, I think the Gizmow is very similar. If your crew liked the tank, I'll bet they would like the Gizmow too. And it was a lot less expensive than the Tank. I'm thinking about ordering the two cams that couple the steering to the hydraulics, and putting them on the shelf just in case. But knowing me, if I ever did need them I wouldn't remember where they were.
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