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Concrete porch opinions.

Hi all,

I'm currently designing a job, and when i went to the home to take some measurements the homeowner threw a little bit of a curve ball for me. The job is a fairly strait forward remove old concrete sidewalk, and replace with new, redesigned walkway using pavers.

So the home has a front porch, 12' x 5', concrete, elevated about 2 feet above grade, with a concrete footer, block and brick wall. and the concrete slab supports one porch post in the front corner.

My plan was to just replace the sidewalk and leave the concrete pad. The homeowner asked what we could do to make it flow better since it would be pavers leading up to the point, and the home is brick. We both agreed it would be an odd transition, and I had thought about having it stained to closer match the colors of the pavers/house.

Its a "tudor" style house with an off white stucco between dark brown wood, and the remainder of the home, including the front porch is a darker brown/red brick.

This is a picture before we replaced the back last year, but it gives an idea of the homes color and style. I don't currently have a picture of the front, but i will take one right away.

so.... what to do?
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