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Have a quick question... I am new to pressure washing (only do it for a few customers) Today I pressure washed with a circular sidewalk cleaner (pressure washer was a rental-4000 psi) and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. For those of you that use them don't they have the circular sidewalk cleaners with more than just the 2 nozzles on the bar? It seemed like it was faster/easier with just the wand.

This place has around 500 feet of sidewalk and a fairly large parking lot that is heavily shaded, so moss is a problem. Spraying something on to kill it is dicey due to a creek around the property. They want us to do it every year so I am trying to figure out a good long term solution as far as cleaning the sidewalks/parking quicker.

What are your thoughts on the circular sidewalk cleaners?
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