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Applying Simazine

This will be the 2nd year that I've used Simazine 4L as a pre-emerge on my backyard and a back lot that I own that is basically just full of field grass. The back lot is 1.6 acres and the back yard is approx 1 acre. When I applied it last year I started in the back lot and covered it fine but by the time I got to the back yard I had enough to make 1 pass around the border of the yard and I was out.

Last year I struggled to find precise mixing instructions on this product. I found application guidelines for fruit and nut crops, general cropland, Christmas trees, everything but just straight ahead lawn spraying. Last night I was poring over the label and I finally found instructions that stated mixing 1 to 5 quarts of the product in a 10-40 gal sprayer. That to me seems a little too general. Plus, it gives no indication of the best speed to apply this at to cover a specific area. Has anyone else used this product as a pre-emerge and know how to apply it so I can kill the weeds in my 2 areas but have enough to finish the job? Oh yeah, I'm pulling a 26 gal Femco sprayer behind my Ford CUT tractor and last year ran it at about 5 mph.


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