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Originally Posted by cub man View Post
How long would you work under that system. might be legal but can you keep workers.what do you do when they start bully and fighting each other to get the job done. your workers will end up hating you their co workers and bad mouthing your company to every one they know your customers will pick up on this. when they find out they can work in out of the weather and make more on min. wage with less stress you will be training new employees over and over again good luck.

I might be wrong but I have seen this before on jobs that were less physical .
You know when you are dealing with the mentality of people you hire that mow lawns for a living all I am trying is to find what motivates them to get them to making more money as well as myself with giving them some ownership in the company. No they would not get to see the books if they are making more money than they normally would they don't care. We do this with Christmas lights the guys who normally make $9-10/hour they were making anywhere from 13 to 18 an our they didn't care at all making more money they were extremely happy and I made alot more money than previous years. If you have any better ideas I am all ears?
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