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Originally Posted by Stillwater View Post
I am certainly not trying to start a argument I don't have the time or interest in that. Read post #5 again then read your latest post, do you really think this is workable. When a employees compensation is based on profits or the companies gross income they have a right and a need to know exactly what that is. The fact it is more than what they would get paid normally under the old pay system is irrelevant. If your not willing to open your books to them then you might not be ready for this pay method. You want them to take ownership in this way?

I suggest stronger motivated supervision together with really knowing your numbers. If you really want to part with your profit pay a simple bonus when they meet your goals. Remember what you said in your latest post "you are dealing with the mentality of people you hire that mow lawns for a living" These people more often than not will have no interest or understanding in your company but they will understand a bonus for meeting a reasonable goal. if you do anything read your post #5 again and as many times as it takes to see how silly it really is.
Well if you read this post again yourself these are some scenario's I passed on from another guy these are not even my idea's. Tried the simple bonus did not work at all it was a big ole waste of time did not increase anything but expense. I will not ever open my books to them it really doesn't matter because they don't care what the company does profit wise if they are doing a good job they make alot more money(example christmas lights $9-$10/hr to $13-$18/hr) they have no reason because they are making way more than they normally would that is why they don't care what are profit is. Actually really don't care what you think it works great for me attorney and accountant have already said I am doing nothing illegal so all of my bases covered that is all that matters to me. More profit for me, increased production, less stupid repairs or damage to equipment since we started this program and the employee's love it to they make more money too. How many employee's do you have?
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