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Poulan Pro trimmer. Anybody using?

Almost 10 years ago I went to one of those traveling tool sales and found a Poulan straight shaft string trimmer that I gave $40 for. It was refurbished. When we moved to our current place (1.6 acres) I decided to get a pro type trimmer so I bought an Echo. The Poulan was relegated to a backup. I didn't have the Echo 2 months and somebody broke into my shed and stole it and a brand new pressure washer I had also bought.

So, the Poulan was brought back into full service. I used it 2 1/2 seasons and last year at the end of the season it was dead. It took forever to start, black oil was coming out of the exhaust, it didn't have the power it used to. It was time to give it a proper sendoff. So I chunked it. But it lasted a good long time and it was a reliable trimmer.

I've kept looking at getting another pro trimmer, and was leaning towards a Stihl this time, but I just couldn't see spending that kind of money (again). If I was a pro, yeah, but I'm not. So I decided to look at other brands. I happened to see a Poulan Pro unit that looked interesting. It's the Poulan Pro PP133 and it can be found at Amazon. Here's a link:

Has anyone else used one of these? How has it done for you? Like I said, I was very impressed with my original Poulan and am just trying to decide if I just got real lucky the last time or if they really are that good.
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