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This is an excellent idea!

Reducing the barriers between you and your customers is always going to have a positive result. Lots of people might already be on your website looking up your contact information — many of them might find it easier and more convenient to just fill out a webform instead of pick up the phone and call. You also potentially end up with better, more complete information from your new potential customer, and it's permanently recorded automatically, instead of you having to stop what you're doing, find a pen and scribble out some notes.

WuFoo is another great service that does really nice web-forms. Check it out at

Here at Octopus we're taking web-forms even a step further. One of the features we've been working on for release over the next couple of months is a web-form generator that allows you to put a form on your website that's connected directly to your Octopus account, so that a task is automatically added to your calendar when a potential customer submits a request on your website. You can also set up notification options so that you're notified. Keep an eye out for this feature over the next couple of weeks, and let us know if you have any suggestions or requests as to how you might like it implemented.
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