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Yeah I here that Scags are great machine, and my dealer sells them to. But not direct,he gets them from a middle man. And the prices are to high for my price range.looking at spending around $8,000 for everything I need to get started. I did take a compact pro 44 and a Scag Freedom for a test ride, I like the compact pro feel better. Felt like I was sitting on the floor with the Scag,and it was alittle harder to get off it.I'm not getting any younger unfortunatly!
As far as the the differents between the Compact pro 44 and zt hd 44 is the engine and deck. The zt hd has a 22hp fr kaw and the pro has a 20 hp fx kawasaki industrial engine.And the deck is 10 gauge to 7 gauge on the pro. I guess the question is? Is that industrial engine and extra 1/16 of a inch of steal on the deck worth a extra $1300 dollars?

Did you ever try going thru 48 inch gates with that compact pro 44?

Thanks mike
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