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Originally Posted by upidstay View Post
Just saw a bag of Bradfield Organics Luscious Lawns corn gluten 9-0-0. No where on the label does it say anything about crab grass control. Recomends 10lbs per 1000' for fertilizing (.9lbs of N), but not a word about weed control...
Focus on building the turf's overall density.
Ultimately, thick, healthy turf will be your best crabgrass & broadleaf control.

Corn gluten meal @ 10 lb / 1000 is fine as a fertilizer.
So are soybean, alfalfa or cottonseed meal all @ 15-20 lb / 1000.
Distiller's grains has become the hottest deal going cost-wise at least in this part of the country.
Gotta go w/ the flow!
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