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Originally Posted by TheLawnRangerLLC View Post
Rayo vac, I was very impressed with the db level blockage. I am not 100% sure of the actual db that is blocked but I know that with the music off, it blocked sound better than any foam plugs that I have used. If you are just looking for molded earplugs w/out the headphones in it, you can find, online at walmart, a company called radians. If I remember right they are like $15. But I know for sure that the ear fuze work well for blocking sound and allowing the music to come through nice and clear.
Ahhh good to hear. I pretty much wear foam now or I have some yellow rubbery ones that block a bit better. So if they seem to block close to at least what the foam does.. that a plus. I want to listen to music, but the goal would be to not have to turn it up so loud that it defeats the whole "Trying to Save My Hearing" agenda.
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