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A Little Nervous?

I have usually stuck to doing basic lawn maintenance and aerating. I do however have a talent for designing landscapes. I've taken college courses in botany, plant ID and some others several years ago so I know my plant material pretty well.

I have totally renovated and landscaped about 4 houses that I have lived in over the years and receive so many compliments from neighbors and passers by. Anyways, the point I'm getting to is that I was asked to give an estimate at a person’s house who heard I did landscaping. This is a TOTAL remake of a front yard and foundation of the home. I have been working on the design, plant material and estimate of time for a week now and just finished up. I meet with the potential customer soon to present my idea and price.

My question is; did any of you get a little nervous and kind of doubt yourself on your first big install project? I'm second guessing myself and thinking I'm charging too much and that maybe I'm in over my head. I know what needs to be done but just wondering if I'm in the same boat as others as far as feeling a little nervous.
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