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Originally Posted by damnfingers View Post
Exactly the type of information I was hoping to find here.

I'm a homeowner with approximately 1-1/4 acre to mow and a lot of the mowing is around raised flower beds, berms and trees. I'm rough on lawn tractors and have been through a Toro, a John Deere and a couple more over the last twenty or so years. I prefer a mulching deck and need something that can take care of oak tree and magnolia leaves.

I have about $5K I can spend but don't want to unless I have to. I've looked at Ferris, ExMark, Toro, Gravely, Ariens and a few others and I'm just as confused now as when I started looking. A 48" deck will be more than enough since I have a limited space in which to park it...also during VERY rainy weeks my yard get soft out front and hard to mow.

Given all that...what do the experts recommend?

Thanks in advance.
This is defiantly a Hustler Sport or BadBoy MZ candidate. These machines are built for an acre or so. both have upgraded engine choices. These machines will do the job and you could have one of these from about 3K-4K depending one engine choices and deck sizes. Defiantly a popular mower the past few years and more so now with better engine choices.

If you want to go a step further, I bought the Hustler superduty 19/42 and highly recommend!!! perfect mower for 1-2 acres, just a little on the small side. I previously owned a Hustler MiniFastrak and loved it. This is basically the same machine, but with a better engine and transmission. Another mower would be the Bad Boy ZT series good solid mower and still affordable in the high 4K range. I also shopped around the Bobcat Fastcat series and was pretty set on getting one. There is the Fastcat RZ and the Fastcat pro. I really liked the Fastcat pro and would suggest the Fastcat pro over the RZ. The RZ has the 2800 Hydro gear along with the Briggs professional series engines. The fastcat pro has the Kawasaki engines along with 3100 hydro gear transmissions. The Fastcat pro can be had for 5K. Bobcat mowers have a good reputation and allot of guys that use them in the biz swear by them. The Bobcat is worth a look if you have a dealer near by!
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