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Originally Posted by phscotty View Post
I'm also a homeowner with 1 1/4 acres of thick grass I mow two days per week. The rest of my 2.5 acres is prairie grass. I mow this in the spring. I live in Minnesota to give you an idea of the growing season. We have Ferris and Hustler dealers in the area. Both shops have a good reputation for parts and service. I been looking at the following......

Hustler Super Duty 25/54
Ferris 1500 52"
Ferris 2000 52"
What Hustler model is similar to the Ferris 2000?

I am very aware that most of the above listed machines are overkill for my situation. Your thoughts on the above listed machines would be great.
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There is an active member on here that has a new Ferris IS500, he might stop in and give you a little info on the Ferris, he seems to know the lineup pretty well. I myself think that the Hustler 25/54 you mentioned is a great machine and would be a perfect fit for your needs. Hustler is one of the best mowers in the industry backed by a fantastic company. I just bought the superduty 19/42 and I am looking forward to using it. My second Hustler and nothing but good things to say!
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