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Originally Posted by fga View Post
same here. i can't work without my peltors now. other guys would laugh at me, say i looked funny, now i see them on everyone, lol. They even sell them at home depot now, so i dont have to order them online anymore.

I have the digital ones now that make for quick pre-sets, but i miss turning the dial really quick to find a station.

only 2 complaints with, you look like an idiot when the dj on the radio is saying something funny and you cant help but laugh. I must look like a lunatic, laughing as a push a mower pass your patio doors, lol.

second, the antenna catches a low branch sometimes and sends your head back, and once again, you look like an idiot.

love them though

Listening to Howard Stern sometimes I will bend over howling in laughter. I'm sure I look demented as I am by myself. Sometimes that stuff is just funny.
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