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What ZTR do I buy?

I have been reading up and researching mowers for what seems like a year now, but I am ready to buy now. I have narrowed my choices down but can't pick the final mower.

Situation: I have 1/2 to 3/4 of an acre to mow, fairly level, but lots of obstacles. I know I want a ztr with 48-54" cut with either a honda or kawasaki engine. I also have a budget of 5000, but my wife thinks 4000 and I might be able to squeeze to six. Here is my list:

Hustler Sport
Hustler FasTrak
Scag Freedom Z
Exmark Quest(but it has a stamped deck)
Exmark Pioneer E-Series
Toro Titan

So what I need is your expertise what to go with or avoid. I have quality dealers for all the above within 45 min of my location. Can you help me narrow down my list. Thanks for the help!
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