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Originally Posted by 944own View Post
Ok I always let this guy at a little tire shop by my house change my blades well he quit so I am trying to change my blades on my Lesco ztwo. My impact just wont break the bolts and I tried putting a block of wood between a blade and the deck and pulled so hard it looked like the blade was bending. Am I doing something wrong could they be threaded backwards so right would be loose instead of lefty loosey or has he just put these things on like hercules. In so many words how can I get them off. Thanks
It's time to get a better impact. I started out with one of the cheapo Campbell Hausfelds and it was ok until I bought a cheap riding mower from one of my customers. One of the blades on that Huskee riding mower was bent and I couldn't remove the blade with my cheap impact. I borrowed a better one from a mechanic and also had to borrow the larger air fitting. I think it's a type T or N fitting from Tractor Supply. Those fittings are what most tire shops have on their hoses and the hole through the center is about twice as large as the small hole that comes with most cheapo kits. So I'd recommend you get a decent impact capable of at least 450 ft. lbs. of torque and put some decent fittings on your air hose.
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